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          Whether you call or walk in, you will interact with an experienced member of our team. To find out what we can do for you, contact anyone on the team with your needs or e-mail us and be assured we will do our best to satisfy you. We are looking forward to be of service!

        Anthony Martinez 505-293-6161

        Photo of Anthony Martinez

        In the company since 2005.
        Anthony is coming back to us after a stint in the construction industry. He is most likely the first person you will be seeing as you enter our store, as he mans our counter.

        Donna Wanger 505-293-0353

        Photo of Anthony Martinez

        In the company since 2016.
        Bio coming soon.

        Philippe Wyns

        Photo of Philippe Wyns

        In the company since 2002.
        Philippe worked 12 years for Hewlett-Packard and Agilent Technologies, where he held various positions in quality and technology transfer in the semi-conductor division. He has broad knowledge of electronics components and computers.
        He took over Electronic Parts Company in July 2002. Now he manages it, handling all administrative duties and IT, as well as making sure that the inventory is current.



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